CD Pool

Formed in 1994, CD Pool changed the way that DJs received and played their music. Volume 1 contained a multi-genre line up that set the tone for the years to come. Over a hundred groundbreaking DJs subscribed to that very first CD, and thousands have followed in their wake. Over the years we've included tens of thousands of tracks from labels all over the world and helped break many artists and tracks. As the company has expanded so too has our product range. We now manufacture ten monthly CDs plus fantastic DJ friendly products such as the Classic Series; a sixty CD set that has developed into possibly the greatest dance compilation ever produced and the Essential Series which consists of three boxsets, a tool that no mobile DJ can afford to be without. CD Pool is licensed by both the PPL and the MCPS who manage all our royalty payments to performers, songwriters and labels. When you join CD Pool you can be sure that all the content creators are getting fair payment.