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New Denon DJ Prime SC6000 and More.

In the build up to the annual NAMM show in the USA there are usually a few product releases along the way. This year, a full week before the doors open, Denon have shown us 3 new products - SC6000 Prime, SC6000M Prime and X1850 Prime.



The SC6000 is an upgraded version of their SC5000, with on board processing and track analysis as well as touch screen and wireless streaming. Now the SC6000 features a 10 inch multi touch display (the same one found on the Prime 4) as well as an improved 8.5 inch jog wheel with built in display.


Denon have also managed to cram in space for an internal hard drive bay (no hard drive included) which will make it really easy to plug in a drive with terabytes of music, straight inside the player.


They have also improved the looks of the player with a sleek, all black finish to the knobs and performance pads.


The internals are pretty much the same with the ability to read Rekordbox prepared USB sticks, on-the-fly playlist creation and on-board track analysis, dual layer playback and much more.




Denon DJ SC6000M - motorised platter


The Denon SC6000M is mostly the same but the jog wheel is replaced with a motorised platter. This direct drive platter has adjustable torque and real vinyl on the top as well as a slipmat in between the two.




This new release is topped off with a new mixer, the X1850. The 4 channel mixer has multiple inputs and outputs as well as high quality circuitry and build. There is even a built in ethernet hub to connect up to 4 SC players to share music sources and sync with each other as the mixer effects.

You can actually control many great features from the mixer, like synchronising the layer or deck ‘colour’ to match the channel on the mixer.

X1850 Mixer

The X1850 also has 2 USB sound cards to connect two laptops for DJing back to back. It’s also DVS ready.

You'll be able to get your hands on these for yourself at The DJ Show 2020 in April.