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Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 just announced

XDJ-RX3 and the difference between from the XDJ-RX2

With the launch of the Pioneer XDJ-RX3 we take a look at the improvements over the previous version and whether it is worth the upgrade or if you have been considering the previous version and wondering if this new version is that much better.

Let’s start with the basics, both units are a 2 deck, standalone console with built in mixer and the ability to control software as well.


The main part of the XDJ-RX3 is it’s large screen, this is used for browsing tracks, searching with an on-screen keyboard and displaying track waveforms with vital information.

The XDJ-RX3 has a new 10.1 inch touchscreen compared to the 7” screen on the RX2. You also get the option of RGB or tri-colour waveforms where the previous model only offers blue waveforms.

One feature that is unique to the XDJ-RX3 is the touch preview, you won’t even get this on the flagship XDJ-XZ. This lets you preview a track by touching the screen and even scrubbing along the waveform to preview it without needing to load it on to a deck.

Deck section:

Both players have a jog wheel, 8 performance pads, loop controls and transport controls.

The XDJ-RX3 has the same 6 inch jog wheels like the RX2 however the new player has tension adjust on the wheels to change how loose or tight it is.

These new jog wheels also feature in-jog displays to show track artwork and deck settings.

The performance pads had 4 modes and this is now upgraded to 8 modes. Noticeably, one stands out, Release mode. This assigns 8 types of effects to the pads and can even be layered with existing beat FX or Sound Colour FX.  These effects are clearly shown on the large display to clearly show which pad does what.

The XDJ-RX3 also has a small change which is also a great touch, the “play” and “cue” buttons are now matching the flagship players with illuminated outer rings.

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Mixer section:


Both players feature a 2 channel mixer with external inputs for line or phone level sources as well as an AUX input with a setting for mobile devices. You also get 2 microphone inputs with basic effects.

The XDJ-RX4 now has 6 colour FX compared to 4 on the previous model and 14 beat FX, up from 8 on the RX2.

This matches the flagship XDJ-XZ and DJM900 NXS2 mixers to give you pro level performance. 

Beat FX bank lets you quickly access your 4 favourite beat FX on screen and the X-Pad lets you operate them via the touch screen too.


As standard, you can record your mix to one of the two USB slots, the XDJ-RX3 gives you a timer to show you the elapsed recording time and you can set a countdown timer to let you time your sets perfectly.


Software control:

As with most Pioneer controllers, both are hardware unlock devices for Rekordbox performance mode.

The main added value here is that from early 2022 the XDJ-RX3 will support Serato DJ Pro at no extra charge.


Our retail partner has the new Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX3 in stock and ready to ship, head over to their site to purchase your XDJ-RX3 today.