Find your zone

DJ Zone

The modern DJ can utilise thousands of different bits of equipment for anything from music production to putting on a show. The DJ Zone will showcase a huge amount of kit, all designed to help any DJ to get the best out of their passion!

Learning Zone

Our learning zone will be set up to allow attendees to learn techniques using modern software and equipment from basic mixing, looping, effects to advanced scratching - learn with the pros and become the DJ you want to be!

Lighting & FX Zone

Nowhere in the entertainment industry has there been more advances than in lighting and effects. The explosion in LED technology, allowing for greater control utilising significantly less power than traditional systems, has changed the way lighting systems look. Modern programming has meant that the latest lighting and effects are adding incredible atmosphere to events and parties everywhere.

Music Production Zone

From working in production studios to self releasing tracks via online platforms, a career in music production has never been so attractive. Modern software and equipment is more and more geared towards allowing individuals to express themselves fully - our music production zone will showcase a wide range of the very latest tools available to anyone interested in this vibrant and exciting industry.

PA Zone

Whatever your PA need, we’ve got it covered! The PA Zone will be your chance to see a huge range of incredible sound systems all in one convenient place. Live demonstrations will be held at regular intervals, with manufacturer representatives on hand to answer all your questions.

Retail Zone

Our retail partner will have plenty of stock of all of the key products featured at the DJ Show. There will be exclusive show discounts available on the special show app, a click and collect service and even free delivery for all orders over £50 for anyone who can’t carry their purchases away on the day!

Retro Zone

It's claimed that the first ever Disc Jockey (a name not actually invented until decades later) took to the airwaves in 1909 - 110 years ago! Since then the industry has seen a huge number of changes. Our Retro Zone will take you back in time, with fascinating exhibits of kit from a bygone era and we'll even have a resident Vinyl DJ to show us all how it used to be done!

Social Zone

Get social with the DJ Show! Come and meet other DJ’s with some of the UK’s biggest DJ member organisations. This is your chance to grow your network, meet like minded DJ’s, swap ideas, catch up with old friends and make new ones.